GoMetro Move

Featuring Jammie shuttle bus ETA and Schedules

Download the GoMetro Move App to access the University of Cape Town’s Jammie Bus Information.

No more waiting at the bus stop

Use the Move App to check the bus schedules and plan ahead.

Stay indoors and view the bus ETA

See the estimated time of arrival for each bus, on your phone.

See the bus arrive on your phone

View the current location of the bus on the map interface.

Emergency call to UCT

Quick access to a toll free UCT number, call from the app.


What You Get

All Pickup Points

All Routes

Bus Schedules


Next Bus Location

See all bus stop points around you

The map shows your current location. See all the jammie stop points around you. Select any stop point and select the route that you want to find information about.

View the location of the next bus on the map

See where the next bus is at the moment as well as an estimated arrival time for that bus. View the bus schedules per stop for the selected day.

Get Started!

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