Add it. Track it. Share it.

GoMetro Bridge allows you to see your own vehicles and your sub-contractors’ vehicles all on one screen – regardless of telematics or tracking provider. Enter the registration number, see the vehicle location – it’s that easy.

  • For operators

    No more phone calls or emails asking your subcontractor where their vehicle is – log in and see for yourself.
  • For sub-contractors

    Your data is 100% protected, only share with your client your vehicle locations for the duration of their job. Once the job ends, the access ends.

How does it work?

GoMetro Bridge is a telemetry aggregator which allows you to quickly and efficiently share and request vehicle tracking from others by creating time-sensitive virtual fleets. Here is how it works.

Add your vehicles – we connect to any telematics provider in the markets we work in

Connect your contact – connect to your clients, contractors, operators and others

Smart share: Send or receive real-time vehicle location data for the duration of the trip request – the window closes when the trip time ends

All your vehicle
locations in one place

Bringing transparency, efficiency and visibility to your transport operations.

Improve your operations

Improve operational efficiency, quality of service and ensure continued growth and market expansion.

Get more value out of your existing investment in telematics by integrating all existing data and tools. 

Now you can build IT applications that works seamlessly with your own fleet and your subcontractor fleet regardless of hardware type.

Improve operational performance with increased control and diagnostics, and control back office and infrastructure costs.

Integrated with most major telematics providers with continuous monitoring and secure feeds.

For developers

Bridge is a telemetry aggregator – combining multiple telematics and vehicle data feeds into one unified API. This enables your development team to build logistics apps with one location source, or utilising GoMetro’s fleet management software solution.

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Improve your operations

Bridge’s secure smart request and permission-based architecture ensures that you always have control over what you are sharing. These trusted connections give your sub-contractors peace of mind that their vehicle locations are only shared when required.

Easy to use

Bridge is a self-service platform that is super easy to use, allowing fleet operators to manage their own vehicles, and onboard the vehicles of their sub-contractors to one virtual fleet.


Only pay when you share

Load your vehicles for free, and have them available at no charge – only pay per share.

The more you share, the less you pay per share. You can also purchase share credits from us in bundles.

With GoMetro Bridge, we are breaking the walls of data silos in the trucking industry – and allowing our customers to get more value from their existing investment in telematics – and communicate more efficiently and effectively with their suppliers and clients on the everyday information every trucking company is continuously sharing – vehicle locations, ETAs and operational visibility on all fleet.

– Justin Coetzee, CEO


  • Operators can see all vehicles (owned and sub-contractor fleets) in one place
  • Increased visibility and communication between operators, fleet managers and owners
  • Vehicle owners control who has access to their feeds
  • Provides controlled communication and transparency within logistical operations
  • Secure data aggregation through a trusted 3rd party software provider
  • Works with all telematics providers
  • Fleet managers can share a vehicle feed quickly
  • Enables owners/ clients or subcontractors to share shared vehicle information
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