Add it. Track it. Share it.

GoMetro Bridge allows you to see your own vehicles and your sub-contractors’ vehicles all on one screen – regardless of telematics or tracking provider. Enter the registration number, see the vehicle location – it’s that easy.

Improve the way you move!

GoMetro improves the operations of hundreds of fleets around the world by providing the building blocks for the rapid development of mobility applications – getting people and goods to their destinations predictably, safely and efficiently.

Measure. Model. Manage. Move.

Digitise transport operations to better manage mobility

GoMetro Fleet works with your existing investment in telematics, provides accurate route planning and on-time alerts, and saves you money in back-office costs and contract performance.

Whereas Fleet Management Systems have focussed on asset management, GoMetro’s Fleet solution is focussed on activity management – enabling fleet co-ordination and operational visibility.

What makes a city move?

With GoMetro’s toolkit integrated into your existing mobile app, mobile website, or in a new app you will be able to design offers and services around your commuter’s regular locations and movements to increase convenience, ridership and commerce.

GoMetro Bridge

Bridge is GoMetro’s fleet virtualisation layer – combining multiple telematics and vehicle data feeds into one unified API so your development team can build logistics apps with one location source.

Bridge combines your owned fleet with subcontractor fleets to provide one view of the truth – regardless of telematics source or format.

Bridge’s smart request and permission-based architecture ensures that you always have control over what you are sharing, and gives your subcontractors peace of mind that their vehicle locations are only being shared when required

Electric Vehicle Operational Management

GoMetro Fleet helps mobility operations plan and implement electric mobility transitions. Our proprietary approach to Mobility Management helps bus and truck fleets to Measure, Model, Manage and Move to zero emission transport. 

We are proud to be a people-first company, where everyone is dedicated to solving global mobility management problems.

– Justin Coetzee, CEO

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