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Justin Coetzee

Justin Coetzee is founder and CEO of GoMetro. Justin is a civil engineer by training, with a Masters Degree in Transportation Engineering. Justin has served as Project Director for a large number of public transport planning, optimization, and technology projects in cities of Africa and Latin America. 

Johan Muller

Johan is an admitted attorney, with a Masters in Commercial Law. He is particularly interested in projects where the private sector helps the local and provincial governments with service delivery and balancing the regulatory, social and economic nuances of these transactions and partnerships.  

Bob Kabeya

Bob is a civil and transportation engineer specializing in Project Management and Public Transport Planning. He specialized in project management methods applied to various fields of Transportation Engineering, especially in the use of technology for data collection and processing for planning and design. 

Nigel Zhuwaki

Nigel has experience in deploying innovative data-driven and platform-based solutions in developed and developing urban transport markets. Nigel has keen interests in Smart Mobility Platforms, public transport transformation and the application of data-driven solutions in the life-cycle management of Intelligent Transport Systems.

Craig Rautenbach

Craig Rautenbach is a developer at GoMetro. Ask him about better mobility in cities and how we rapidly developed two native apps in React Native.  

Rosy Mohohlo

Rosy Mohohlo is a developer at GoMetro. She is a very passionate developer, eager to learn and always challenging herself to become the best at what she does. She loves to read on what is new in the field of Technology, sports in general and volunteers where she can.

Prian Reddy

Smart Mobility specialist with an interest in Shared Use Mobility, Mobility as a Service (MaaS), Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Electromobility, Hyperloop, Paratransit Reform, GreenTech, Smart Fleet Management.

Donna Schulenburg

Donna is a transport economist with 4 years of experience in public transport consulting, and a keen interest in transport passenger travel behaviour. Working for GoMetro, Donna was part of a Minibus-Taxi Reform Project where she was responsible for developing a demand and supply model to optimize and rationalize current minibus-taxi association operations.

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